2) 2016 Krr Krr Studies – Adishakti Lily Pond

02 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Adishakti Lily Pond.png

There are many ponds close to where I stay. The largest one nearby is the Kuyilapalayam village pond full of lotuses. I used to go there once in a while and sit. I have taken photo notes here but I have lost them transferring files.

In April of 2016 I spent most of my time inside the Adishakti campus. I had just experienced 14 nights of drawing Malviki Ramayanam, Excerpts from Birth of Sita on the 4 walls of their motor-room for the Remembering Veenapani Festival 2016. I stayed on for the festival to see the performances and meet its makers and old friends.

Adishakti has 4 lily ponds. I specially like the tiny one tucked away behind their new guest house. During this period I would routinely go sit by this pond once around 11 – 12 in the afternoon and then later around 3 – 4 pm. I initially started just sitting here. After a while I began to take down notes as sketches and photographs. Then I would sit for sometime in the evening listening to the crickets and roosting birds.

I do not know the exact type of water lily in this pond but it is from the Nymphaeaceae family. The photographs and notes allowed me to keep track of the shifts and changes in this region. It was interesting to see the 12 pm sun cast shadows on the pond and the see the 3pm sun shadows tell another story – the growth from a bud to a blooming flower and unfurling of a young leaf over a few days. The snails, critters, ferns.

  • Notes: The airs around have fluid body and they leave their prints on earth and water adjusting them into dunes and ripples.

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