notes to self

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  • I love drawing. It has been a constant; a companion.
  • I don’t get it.
  • I don’t know where I am going.
  • Form is fleeting.
  • How is change?
  • What syncopates a visual or graphic form?
  • Where does Time find its place in a static visual?
  • How does a statement unfurl itself into a meaningful visual form and how does timing nest itself inside it?
  • I am deeply moved by abstractions and the mechanisms that allow for it; I enjoy studying them. My larger quest is to feel my/a bearing in space or time.
  • Research repeatedly brings me back to the disciplines of Mathematics and the Sciences. They have offered me images and insights into understanding and creating layers and levels that successfully tie‐up in and over themselves.
  • I am an interdisciplinary artist by nature and it influences my approach and need to create work. I greatly enjoy seeing disciplines feed off of each other. This is truly where I find the meat – I draw deeply from them. Graphic Design, Illustration, Theatre & Performance, Cinema, Photography & Music are some of the key disciplines  where I find alternative languages to help piece my work together.
  • Process. Process. Process. | Detail. Detail. Detail.
  • Some work tags: Quiet, silence, sound, monochrome, grids, transition, transformation, paper, light, form, life, flow, morph, draw, sketch, ink, stylus, collage, stipple, splatter, stitch, fold, cut, tear, paste, repetition, sequence, long forms, bind, type, letter, word, recursions, figures, grounds, transformations, change, tedium, element, shift, pulse, beat, photograph, print, movement, note, observe, read, hear, sky, earth, water, wind, matter, shadow, eye, open, close, sit, breath.

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