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Krr Krr is a project funded by IFA to artist & illustrator Malavika PC in the year 2017 – at the heart of which is the calling to make a picture book with children. This space is to keep note of it’s making.

From the IFA Website:
“In her current project, tentatively titled Krr Krr, Malavika wants to challenge the idea of children’s book and the canonical understanding of their production. The mainstream publication industry avoids abstractions and contemplations when it comes to children’s books. The ideal reader of the children’s book is imagined to have a simplistic understanding of their surroundings. Through the conventional ‘workbook’ type publications, they are pushed to do ‘activities’ with their time in a prescribed way. ‘Idling’ is often ridiculed in children’s books. The books are reduced to a tool to deliver a ‘message’. Malavika wants to question this popular understanding by making a book in collaboration with children. The book will be a fully illustrated picture book that observes a lily in a pond from sunset to sunrise, noting subtle changes and shifts in the environment. By setting up a time-lapse camera she wants to record these subtle changes and then explore the ambient sights and sounds like a graphic score. The movements and sounds in the surrounding will be illustrated typographically with reference to this apparently still frame. She will take help of a specialist in coastal water bodies of South India for this research phase.

For Malavika, working with children is the most important and interesting part of the project. Through her years of experience of conducting workshops with children she has felt excited by the openness and curiosity children have towards abstraction. She feels restricted by the standard fairytale approach to such subjects and hopes this project will not just challenge that hegemony but also create a new trajectory for her own practice. She is aware that an adult trying to approach the children’s world poses unique difficulties but from her years of working with children she is confident of respecting their views and create mutually enjoyable work, instead of starting from a point of pedagogy.”

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