77) Oct Krr Krr – Catching a breath

Post the Kattaikuttu workshops my plan was to immediately recreate this workshop with another group of children; however the changes and affirmations it brought about gave me reason to pause. As I sat down with the drawings made by the KKG children laid out around me – in documenting, segregating, organising and simply going over them repeatedly and looking through for what then felt like a very long time – I realised I had arrived at something quite valuable and felt it would be a shame to let it pass without due attention. It was this feeling that gave me some courage to work alongside my panic when I kept hearing “But you made twenty other plans and you are stuck and frozen and …” in my head. I was staring at the drawings made by the children, there was something there… well ok, stare on.

I’ve got a few hunches about the workings of the world around and what I’ve come to believe as forms or representations of ideas of forms. I often get the feeling that I’m seeing/getting it all wrong – it just does not connect or make much sense – mostly forgetting to recall that “getting it” is different from “getting there” while I know neither it nor there.

In the meantime the IFA half yearly report was due. Writing it was a very good exercise towards clarity for me. It felt good to articulate progress along with doubts and challenges – I felt some confidence when the report was received with kindness. The writing also gave me a few directions to take.

The first bigs rains had just begun. It was time to head out to the lily ponds.




59) 2017 August Krr Krr Experiments – Moving Images – 017 – 021

Kattaikkuttu Sangam has two water bodies on either side of it. The Aiyankarkulam on one side and the Punjarasanthankal lake on the other. August has been a rainy month here. It is refreshing to see water back up on the surface. I take many walks around here before and after my sessions with the children. I find my spots and park myself there. Some moving images from the recent sittings.


20) 2017 March Krr Krr – First visualisations – as IFA Grantee

20A - OKK - 2017 Drawings March - First Vizualizations20B - OKK - 2017 Drawings March - First Vizualizations20C - OKK - 2017 Drawings March - First Vizualizations20D - OKK - 2017 Drawings March - First Vizualizations

05) 2016 Krr Krr Studies – Adishakti Lily Pond

05 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Adishakti Lily Pond.png

3) 2016 Krr Krr Studies – Adishakti Lily Pond

03 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Adishakti Lily Pond.png

2) 2016 Krr Krr Studies – Adishakti Lily Pond

02 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Adishakti Lily Pond.png

There are many ponds close to where I stay. The largest one nearby is the Kuyilapalayam village pond full of lotuses. I used to go there once in a while and sit. I have taken photo notes here but I have lost them transferring files.

In April of 2016 I spent most of my time inside the Adishakti campus. I had just experienced 14 nights of drawing Malviki Ramayanam, Excerpts from Birth of Sita on the 4 walls of their motor-room for the Remembering Veenapani Festival 2016. I stayed on for the festival to see the performances and meet its makers and old friends.

Adishakti has 4 lily ponds. I specially like the tiny one tucked away behind their new guest house. During this period I would routinely go sit by this pond once around 11 – 12 in the afternoon and then later around 3 – 4 pm. I initially started just sitting here. After a while I began to take down notes as sketches and photographs. Then I would sit for sometime in the evening listening to the crickets and roosting birds.

I do not know the exact type of water lily in this pond but it is from the Nymphaeaceae family. The photographs and notes allowed me to keep track of the shifts and changes in this region. It was interesting to see the 12 pm sun cast shadows on the pond and the see the 3pm sun shadows tell another story – the growth from a bud to a blooming flower and unfurling of a young leaf over a few days. The snails, critters, ferns.

  • Notes: The airs around have fluid body and they leave their prints on earth and water adjusting them into dunes and ripples.

1) Starting here

01 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Starting Here.png

The need is to: make a book, meet children – make a children’s picture book in collaboration and consultation with children – exploring ideas of transition of form, matter and silence across time if it interests them – use language and typography, paper and light and show these movements – continue my study on elements in flow – be quiet –  sit, see, listen by a lily pond together by night till day.

The IFA Grant to Malavika PC for Krr Krr.

I was in the city for the Art Bengaluru 2015 where I had a chance to show my first ideas for long images with the Flatland Scrolls printed on canvas. During this trip I had set aside some money to invest in paper and inks; with it I went to Bhaskar Arts Centre in CKP where they make sketchbooks in-house. I like these kind of books made by stationers in their workshops as they are simple and each stationer has a specific set of papers and forms of books that they produce.

Post the Art Bengaluru 2015 opening night two friends came back with me to my hotel room and we had a nice after party. We had much to say, catch up and consume. After they went to sleep I was still up since I’m mostly on night shifts, so I took my ciggies and went to the balcony with a fresh sketchbook. After a few pages of drawing the first sketches of the lily sequence with its ambience happened. It struck me as having potential to be a seed that could engage the many things that are influencing and shaping my life and practice at this point towards a productive and meaningful end.

I decided I would apply for an IFA Grant in 2012 because I wanted time and resources to study. Then I started thinking about what such a grant would allow me to study closely. I went about looking through my works and ideas to identify correctly what I was studying at that point and which areas of it I wanted to focus on over a long period of time consistently; especially since I have multiple interests and disciplines which I seek from. I knew I needed to make a book. After a few years of jotting scribbles and notes these were the first set of sketches that gave me the strong feeling that I had something solid. I set up a meeting with Shubham Roy Choudhury of IFA (Programme Executive: Arts Practice) and pitched the idea of a picture book to him. I explained to him the work I was used to doing as an illustrator and the discoveries I was making as an artist. He spoke about what IFA did and how it worked. I came away promising a proposal. Using these sketches as a seed thought I developed a proposal for a picture book. Post periodic reviews of it in development with the counsel of IFA I finally submitted my grant application for Arts Practice in September 2016. The grant came through in February 2017.