58) 2017 August – Krr Krr Workshops – Kattaikkuttu Sangam – Trees & Wind

A closer look at Session 04 – The exercise: Today there was a nice afternoon breeze. They picked a spot – identified a tree, a blade of grass, a plant – rooted into the ground. Sit with it, listen. See the tree in the wind and the wind in the tree, move with it, like it. Place pencil on paper and see pencil draw it out. Repeat with same or another tree, plant.

Some responses from the students:

“A small plant told me I just grew up with the recent rains – you seeing me, drawing me makes me very happy. You are behaving like me. I drew a small plant, the peepal tree, one more small plant, coconut tree and neem tree.”

“I spotted a big tree which told me it was there for a long time and wondered who to marry and then fell in love and married the tree next to it and they make many fruits together. The tree told me I was welcome to as much fruit as I wanted but to please not waste them.”

“The tree did not say anything to me – but I spoke to it. I said if ever someone thinks poorly of you and you feel lonely that you are stuck in a corner – know that it is best for you. If you were in the middle of a thick bush they’ll cut you down when they decide to clear the bush.”

“The poonga tree moves its edges a little from side to side. The rose plant was small. It moved up, down all around. The poonga tree shook only a few times. Then I drew a grass. It went all the way to one side and came back – many times. I checked to see if it’s stem portion was moving – it did not. Only the top part of the grass was moving. The yellow flower tree had fewer leaves – its top was moving in circles. I did not know how to draw it. I thought about it – should I draw rounds? Then I started drawing and it automatically came.”

“I went to spot and saw a tree. I moved like it moved.As soon I started it gave me a feeling. Then I didn’t move intentionally but felt I was moved.  When I started moving this way my hands started shivering suddenly. I didn’t know what to do. I immediately ran, drank some water, came back sat down quietly and relaxed. I started again – once again I don’t know what happened but my hands started shivering. This time I continued with the shivering and as the hand shook the lines came. That is all Miss. I didn’t draw it. It drew itself… it did not say anything. I saw it move and I moved.”






18) 2016 Krr Krr Studies – Sky level Eye

18 - OKK - 2016 Studies - Sky Level Eye.png